New Album out now!

           Old Sticks to Scare a Bird





Released on aKrasia records and distributed by Proper, Old Sticks To Scare A Bird is the new studio album from acclaimed UK singer-songwriter Angie Palmer. Produced and recorded by Cornershop’s Alan Gregson the CD is released on September 3rd. 

Championed by Bob Harris as “one of Britain’s greatest singer-songwriters”, Angie’s music has been dubbed ‘English Americana’ and she has been compared to Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. Though these comparisons are understandable, Angie is actually a very singular songwriter who crosses genres effortlessly and in her own unique way. 

The twelve songs on Old Sticks To Scare A Bird (a line taken from a Yeats' poem) are the result of three years of writing and were conceived of as belonging to an album with two distinct musical 'sides' - side one being a loud one and side two an acoustic one. From the raw power of the opening track, the political fable The Ballad of Jack Everyman, to the beautifully orchestrated closing, Fresco, these new songs are the finest Angie has yet recorded. 

Described as “a gifted and original artist” (Maverick) “consummately literate” (Acoustic Magazine) and possessing “a poet’s flourish” (Americana UK) those who don’t yet know Angie’s music will find the new record a good place to start for they will discover in these twelve songs the art of the singer-songwriter at its highest.